Free Tesda Training in Antipole 2019

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, popularly known as TESDA is a Technical Vocational Education and Training organization in the Philippines. The main goal of TESDA is to develop and empower the Filipino population and provide educational and technical knowledge to the workforce, so they can avail economic opportunities for their personal growth and development.

Free Tesda Training in Antipole 2019

Types of courses under TESDA

One can choose from over 200 courses to study from! TESDA covers a variety of fields under its gamut. For example, agriculture, entrepreneurship, automotive, health care, refrigeration and air conditioning, electronics, communication technology, tourism, maritime, culinary, housekeeping, beauty services, etc.

TESDA also covers online courses like Microsoft tools, HTML, Udemy courses, etc. In addition to this, soft skills like, job interviews skills, and basic personality courses, etc are also offered under TESDA.


You can also study technical vocational education and training programs or TVET under the TESDA scheme.

What is the eligibility to apply for a TESDA course?

Anybody can apply for an online TESDA course. TESDA courses can be completed at your own convenience and time from the comfort of your homes. All you need is an internet connection.

However, if you wish to apply to a TVET course, you need at least 10 years of basic education. The eligibility for a TVET is a little different. You will not be eligible to take the TVET course, if you already have a bachelor’s degree or if you already possess a certificate for a technical vocational course that is at power with the National Certificate Level iii or higher.

If you do not meet the eligibility, you will be charged the training cost by the TESDA Board. If eligible learners quit the Free TVET midway, they too will have to pay the training cost to the TESDA board.

What is the benefit of TESDA training in Antipole?

A college degree is no longer the only means to get a job. The TESDA program is an endeavor to empower and equip workers, students, unemployed adults, and out of school youth with technical and professional know-how. The program also caters to oversees workers and any other professional who would like pursue these courses. Anybody can avail TESDA courses from the comfort of their homes. You can sit anywhere and complete the course of your choice for free and use it to get yourself suitable employment.

How much can you earn after doing TESDA courses?

Your salary may differ based on the job role you land up in. Different streams or industries may offer different pay packages. The scope of employment has definitely increased in the last few years. These days the demand for a skilled workforce is very high. Many TESDA students have found jobs overseas. For example, in places like Dubai and Qatar, the salaries range from P30,000 to P50,000 per month.

TESDA also helps its students with job placements. Almost 70% of TESDA students are able to find jobs almost immediately after finishing their course.

How much does it cost to do a TESDA course?

The TESDA course can be done free of cost on the TESDA website. Here is the link:

All you need is a valid email address and you can register yourself on the portal and choose from a number of available courses.

However, completing a TESDA course is not enough. After finishing the course, you must take the assessment test offered at your nearest TESDA assessment centre. You will receive a National Certification if you are able to successfully pass the assessment test for your choice of subject. You are fit for employment only if you have your national certification.