List Of Vocational Training Programs/ Courses With Key Benefits

Vocational Training is a process to build the future of an individual in a particular trade or craft activity. Earlier, it was only limited to fields such as welding and automotive service. However, with an enhancement in the technology, we have seen an increase in the scope of vocational training. It has a lot of potentials and ranges from hand trades to medical institutions. Vocational Training Programs are widely used in fields such as trade jobs, tourism and hotel management, etc. In simple words, we can acknowledge vocational training as training in a specific area in which an individual wants to pursue his/her career.

As mentioned before, vocational training is meant for the students to get ready for a specific kind of job. It takes place when he/she has made the mindset regarding what career are they going to enter. Furthermore, it depends on the type of school you are going for enrollment. If we follow the perspective of different schools, we will understand that some of them provide vocational training at different levels. These levels vary from diploma granting programs to associate’s degree programs to apprenticeships. We will give you the List of all vocational courses for which you can take training.

What Are Vocational Training Programs?

What is vocational Training
What is Vocational Training

the study hours into your program and reap the rewards Vocational training programs are in place to help either displaced or unhappy workers find a career that fits them properly. Sometimes this is because their former abilities are no longer available, and other times, it’s because they simply want to pursue a new path. Either way, these are programs that are usually set up for a small or non-existent fee to assist you. You may find that your local county has a particular agency set up specifically for this purpose.

If the vocational that you choose requires a certificate, they have classes available that you can attend. Some of these may even be available online to work around your schedule more conveniently. In fact, some of your testings may be done online so they can give you an instant picture of your results. Once you have completed these classes, these agencies also have to hire programs in place.


As you talk to a counselor about these vocational training programs, ask them to help you evaluate your current skills. Once you have completed some preliminary testing, they can see what level you’re currently at and start your vocational training appropriately. This could be a matter of online testing to make sure you’re proficient with a computer as well. It helps them evaluate more than one set of skills at the same time.

By doing this, you avoid wasting time and are able to start your new career as soon as possible. If you are working a part-time job in the meantime, then this will allow you to increase your income faster.

When things are difficult financially, you can’t afford to spend time on actions that don’t improve your circumstances. That means you’re not able to pay for everyday expenses and obligations while paying tuition fees. In fact, this could be the obstacle that kept you from seeking out continued educated with vocational training programs before.

So how do you find these programs? How do you know who to contact? Most of the time, you should be able to find them online just like you would through your local Employment Development Department. They work hand in hand with these agencies to provide jobs for various skill levels. However, if you talk to them and let them know what your objective is, they can focus these efforts on something within your reach.

You may also find they have grant programs to cover some of the costs that might be associated with the training. This makes the vocational training programs that much more effective because they assist low-income families and middle-income families alike. When you work with a professional counselor, they will be knowledgeable about these income requirements and be able to assist you more productively.

Types of Vocational Training


There are different types of vocational training which you can try. Some of them are mentioned in the list given below.

Trade Schools

These institutions provide training and education in the skilled trades such as construction, car repair, etc. Usually, it lasts for three long years.

Administration Schools

It prepares students for the careers related to some office work. Those who want to pursue their career as an administrative assistant, legal assistant, or office clerk, go for these schools.

Aesthetic Schools

It usually deals with the courses which require some creativity. These schools offer vocational training in the field such as decoration, cosmetics, etc. Going for apprenticeship is not mandatory in these schools.


It is a training program in which an individual gets to know what is their job. People who want to get hands-on training go for these internship programs. It gives you the desired experience in the field of your study.



Here we are providing you the Most commonly opted courses for Vocational Training if your course in the list then you can easily find training institute for that course.


List of Vocational Course
Computer Specialist
Radiation Therapist
Nuclear Technician
Dental Hygienist
Fashion Designer
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Commercial Pilot
Electrical and Electronics Repairman
Web Developer
Cardiovascular Technologist
HVAC Technician
Surgical Technologist
Medical Laboratory Technician
Chemical Plant Operator
Executive Housekeeper
Locomotive Engineer
Personal Trainer
Police Officer
Auto Repair Training
Automation control
Book keeping, Accounting, and Auditing
Business & marketing management
Business & Office management
Catering and hotel management
Culling arts
Collision Repair
Computer networking management
Construction Management
Daycare management
Diesel Mechanics
Early Child Care Education
Engineering – Mechanical, Civil, Electric and Electronic, Chemical among others trades.
Food and Beverage Management
Farm Management
Hairstyling, Cosmetics, and Beautification
Health care and social assistant
Home inspector
Interior Design
Industrial Maintenance
Massage Therapy
Medical Billing
Medical Transcription
Organizational/Leadership Skills
Paralegal Studies
Practical Nursing
Precision Manufacturing and Machining
Pharmacy Technician
Private investigator
Property Management
Psychology and Counselling
Plant and Crop Science
Real Estate Appraisal
Small Business Management
Small Engine Repair
Tax Preparation
Travel Agent
Truck driving
Veterinary Technician
Welding and Fabrication
Architectural and Structural CADD and Graphics Technician
Construction Estimating
Construction Operations
Construction Supervision
Fashion and Textile design
Heat and Frost Insulator
Hydronic Technician
Industrial Electrician
Industrial Design
Ironworker – Reinforcing
Metal Fabricator
Piping foundation
Pump Maintenance
Roadworks Maintenance
Security Systems Technician
Sheet Metal Worker Foundation
Security Systems Technician
Telecommunications Technician
Wireless Communications Technician
CNC Machinist Technician
Fire Protection Inspection and Testing
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician
Power and Process Engineering
Refrigeration Mechanic Foundation
Refrigeration Systems
Aircraft Gas Turbine Technician
Airport Operations
Airline and Flight Operations – Commercial Pilot
Automotive Service Technician
Automotive Technical Studies
Automotive Technician
Bridge Watchman
Chief Mate
Commercial Transport
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Marine Engineering
Master 150GT Domestic
Master 500GT Domestic
Nautical Sciences
Railway Conductor
Motorbike and Power Equipment Technician
Aboriginal Policing Preparation
Addictions Counselling
Advanced Care Paramedic
Agricultural Machinery Technician
Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing
BioScience Technology
Building Systems Technician
Business Information Systems
Business Planning
CAD/CAM Engineering Technology
Chemical Technology
Civil Engineering Technologies
Civil Technician
Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technology
Computer Systems Technology
Continuing Care Assistant
Correctional Studies
Court Services Administrator
Critical Care Nursing
Culinary Arts
Dental Assisting
Dental Hygiene
Diabetes Education for Health Care Professionals
Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers
Digital Graphic Design
Disability Support Worker
Dynamic Web Development
Educational Assistant
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electronics Technician
Engineering Design and Drafting Technology
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Environmental Engineering Technology
Funeral Service
Food Service Cook
Geographic Information Science for Resource Management
Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Technology
Graphic Communications
Health Information Management
Heavy Equipment Operator
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Human Resources Management (Certificate)
Indigenous Peacekeeping
Industrial Mechanics (Applied Certificate)
Industrial Mechanics (Certificate)
Institutional Cooking
Institutional Meat Cutting
Instrumentation Engineering Technology
Integrated Resource Management
Interactive Media Production
Leadership Skills
Library and Information Technology
Meat Processing
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Media Arts Production (Certificate)
Media Arts Production (Diploma)
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Radiologic Technology
Mental Health and Addictions Worker
Mining Engineering Technology
Multi-Mechanical Trades
New Media Communications (Certificate)
New Media Communications (Diploma)
Nursing Re-entry
Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (Applied Certificate)
Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner (Certificate)
Office Administration
Parts Management Technician
Parts Person
Perioperative Nursing/LPN
Perioperative Nursing/RN
Power Engineering Technician
Power Engineering Technology
Power Sports Equipment Technician
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Primary Care Paramedic
Production Line Welding
Professional Cooking
Psychiatric Nursing (Diploma)
Radiation and Environmental Monitoring Technician
Recognition of Prior Learning Practitioner
Recreation and Community Development
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Resource and Environmental Law
Retail Manager
Retail Meat Specialist
Retail Customer Service
Security Officer
Service Excellence
Stucco Applicator
Therapeutic Recreation
Tri-Trades Heavy Equipment, Truck and Transport, Agricultural Machinery Technician
Underground Mining Core
Underground Mining Raise Boring
Underground Mining Shaft Operations
Veterinary Technology
Victim Services Coordination
Warehouse Worker
Water and Wastewater Technician
Water Resources Engineering Technology
Welding Applied Certificate
Youth Care Worker (Certificate)
Youth Care Worker (Diploma)
Utility Lineworker Technology

Common Vocational Courses Areas

List Of Vocational Training Programs/ Courses With Key Benefits

There are a lot of opportunities after the conclusion of a successful vocational training program. But the question here is which area should we select for opting as our career. First of all, it is necessary to understand your self-interest and the line in which you want to pursue your career. After that, you can go for a vocational course in that area. Here are some of the common vocational courses areas mentioned below.

Healthcare and social assistance

It is a field where you will find a lot of opportunities as a learner to attain vocational training. Healthcare is a whole year field in which the demand of new staff never ends. There is always a need for nursing assistants to work in hospitals, care homes, etc. Also, they are required for some residential care.

Construction Industry

The demand for the housing is evergreen as everybody needs to live under a roof and wants shelter. It doesn’t matter how bad are the economic conditions; you will see a construction industry is always working. Vocational education can give you an upper hand if you seek the jobs such as of plumbers, elevator installers, electricians, etc.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing like textile is a vital sector which affects the productivity of a nation. For making it more productive and to increase its quality, there is a need for some well organized and skilled workers. If provided the proper vocational training, you can pursue your career in this field.

Food Service

A man cannot survive without food. Food is a necessity for living. Therefore, the job opportunities never end in this area. You can work in any restaurant or other places. There is always a need for new labor in this industry. Also, you can open your food place if you have proper knowledge.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether an enterprise is a small scale or large scale, it has to manage its book of accounts. Therefore, there is always a need for an expert in the field of accountancy who can handle the books with an easy and without any rectification required.

Cosmetics and Hair Stylist

Cosmetology is another area in which you can attain vocational training. It is a field in which only experts last who have proper skills and knowledge regarding this sector. However, if you wish to master cosmetology or be a hair-stylist, then you need to undergo a vocational training program.

Computer and IT Industry

Technology improves itself on a regular basis. Therefore, a company always needs a staff which can cope up easily and quickly with the latest technology. You are of no use in the IT industry if you are not able to tackle the daily problems or cannot match the pace of the technology. However, there are certain requirements to fit in the industry. You need to be a team player, have special skills, proper knowledge so that there is no reason for you to get fired.

Why choose vocational training?

List Of Vocational Training Programs/ Courses With Key Benefits

People wonder why should we go for any extra vocational training when we have proper knowledge of our subject. However, this is where people are wrong in understanding the value of vocational training. Vocational Training has become a necessity in the today’s world.

Vocational Education is training that teaches the practical knowledge of their subject. It is precisely meant for their job opportunities. They need to gets their on-hands training which is given to them through the different vocational training programs. Without further ado, let’s read why you should go for vocational training.

Job Opportunities

Vocational Training is considered as an opening to the gate of numerous job opportunities. In today’s world, experience matter a lot and the employers prefer to pick those who have some experience in that field. Big companies who seek new staff look for someone who is productive enough to contribute to their resources. It saves time for the companies if a newly hired person is already trained for the job.

Skills and Expertise

An individual should have the necessary skills which deal with the specialization of their fields. Those who are specialized in their work concentrate on maintaining the discipline and grab the newly arrived technology faster than a rookie. In this manner, they start getting credit as an expert in their work as they are known to deliver some quality performance. It is all done through an excellent vocational training program. You may have a degree, but you need to have the skills to utilize your knowledge.

Opportunity for all at a lesser cost

Vocational education is relatively cheaper than regular education. Colleges are expensive, and not everyone can afford the study they offer in universities and colleges. In case of vocational training, it focuses more on practical stuff and on-hands training rather than gaining some theoretical knowledge. Although, there is a classroom work it is decidedly less than that in the regular education courses.

Time & Self Employment

The time span of vocational training is lesser than what we spend in getting the education in schools and colleges. Also, the students who expertise in different fields such as decorating, plumbing, carpentry, welding, or other kinds of craftsmanship can start their work at any time. These individuals tend to get more job opportunities than those with the degrees as the companies, and their employers seek for those who have some experience. So, we can say it is a source of self-employment.


Vocational training programs are more flexible than regular four-five year courses. It depends on the mindset of an individual what would he do if loses interest in the midway of an ongoing course or wants to pursue a different career. Here, vocational training program plays a vital role as it provides flexibility to a person since time is short and is less expensive. If a student loses his/her interest, then he/she can easily change the line of their career.

How to find the best vocational school in your area?

It is important to go for the best vocational training option available to you. Therefore, you should take care of certain aspects which you need to consider before selecting an institute to get the vocational training. If you are looking for the best vocational school in your area, then you need to compare the performance of every school listed. It is not necessary that a school which is cheap cannot provide the proper education. You should always ask for the reviews from the passed out students from that institution.


List Of Vocational Training Programs/ Courses With Key Benefits

Competition has increased a lot in the recent years. Therefore quality is picked over quantity every time. The companies whether big or small ask for a group of skilled individuals working as their employees. Consequently, it is necessary for a person to go for vocational training. For that, you need to decide which field you want to start or pursue your career. If you have identified your job of choice, then a vocational training course will help you start right away.

Vocational education provides an upper hand as it adds to your experience. Expertise will always be selected over the one who just has a degree. Therefore, it is necessary to learn a vocational course and get training from an institution. All in all, vocational education adds on to your personality and can play a vital role in defining a person’s character. Furthermore, it secures and stabilizes the lifestyle of a student while he/she figures out other options.