Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

if you have good knowledge about any field then it will be very easy for you to get a job with a satisfactory salary.

Am I right?

But getting job will be very hard if you don’t have knowledge or training about anything. and for education, we spent hell lots of money and time on training. and those who don’t have money they can’t learn anything because the fee of the institution is very high that not every person can afford it. but don’t worry we have some good news for Philadelphia people that they can get their training for free of cost too.

Yes, it’s Free….

whether you are planning to get a CNA training or EMT Training any other health related training courses. all you will get for free and not only medical but other training like HVAC, fire safety or any other field.


Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

Free Vocational Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA


So if you are living in Philadelphia city and looking for jobs and you don’t have any certificates or degree then I think you should apply for free training programs in Philadelphia. there are many institutes in Philadelphia that offer free training programs.

In which field you want a free training?

if are into health care then you then these programs you will easily get for free in Philadelphia.

  1. Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA) Training in Philadelphia
  2. Home Health Aide (HHA) Training in Philadelphia
  3. Emergency medical technician (EMT) Training in Philadelphia
  4. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Training in Philadelphia
  5. licensed practical nurse (LPN) Training in Philadelphia

Other Feild Courses Includes following:

  1. Commercial Driving License (CDL) Training in Philadelphia
  2. Fire Safety Training
  3. forklift training in Philadelphia
  4. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Training in Philadelphia
  5. sterile processing technician training in Philadelphia
  6. Computer Traning

Choose any of these courses and find an institute that offers free training.

you don’t have much knowledge about these programs and don’t know which Courses to choose?

No Worries!!

We will give you some basic information about these courses but we can’t provide info about which institute is currently offering free training in particular programs because institution offers free training time to time so you should check which is offering free training at this time.

Free CNA Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant that means you will be the Nursing assistant that will help the patient with health care needs. and this Job demand increasing day by day so if you get a training in CNA then i am 100% sure that you will get a good job. and there are many good institutes offer free CNA training in Philadelphia.

You should check out Institution like Germantown Home, American Red Cross, Medicaid and Medicare, and Job Corps for free CNA Traning.

Once you finish your training then you can earn min $11.78 per hour in your job.

Eligibility requirements For CNA Traning

  • You Must be 18 years old and should have a valid id card like passport or Driving license.
  • Must have a CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Must have a high school certificate.

Free HHA Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

HHA stands for Home health aides. HHA is similar to CNA but CNA works in hospitals and on the other hand HHA provide home-based assistant to the patient. means if a patient is a very sick or disabled or old age who can’t go his basic task then HHA requires to help him like in bathing, dressing, and other normal activities.

if you think that you can help this type of patient and make them comfortable then you should grab the opportunity to become HHA.
Some Institutions such as Home Care Associates, Harrisburg Area Community College, and Erie Business Center offer free  HHA training in Philadelphia.

Eligibility Requirements For HHA Traning

you can follow the same requirement as needed in CNA Traning.

With HHA job you can easily earn $20000+ annually.

Free EMT Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )EMT Stands for an Emergency medical technician. An EMT certified person assist on a medical emergency service. He is trained to act quickly in medical emergencies. it is also called as ambulance technician because EMTs stay in ambulance most of the time to provide medical service.

if you are looking for Free training in EMT then you should check out institutions like SafeTec.

after the EMT training, you can get a job with avg salary  $13 per hour.

Free CPR Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation Traning. CPR is an emergency procedure that includes chest compression and artificial ventilation to prevent brain function damage. CPR is done when a patient is unresponsive and not breathing.

if you are looking for free CPR training in  Philadelphia area then you should check citywide CPR classes, jeffstat education center, and American red cross. this institute often provides free CPR training.

for this course, you should have high schools certifications and age should be 18+ year.


Free LPN Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

LPN also a nursing course but it the advanced version of CNA because with LPN you will be a Licenced practical nurse. LPN training goes up to one year and you will get a certificate for this. An LPN certified person can earn min $50,000 annually. this course might not available for free for everyone but there are many scholarship schemes offered by various institutes from which you can get Free LPN traning in Philadelphia.


If you don’t like the medical field then there are plenty of other options also available for vocational training.


Free Commercial Driving License (CDL) Training in Philadelphia

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

A driver who gets the CDL license then his demand is all over the world. Many companies require CDL drives who can help to transport their cargos. if other than the normal driving license. CDL training is more difficult and challenging but once you become expert in driving you can easily get CDL.  the duration is only 14 days for CDL training

the requirements for CDL training vary from state to state. In Philadelphia the requirements are:

  • you must be 21 years old.
  • Should have a valid Driving license.
  • There should not be any criminal record.
  • there should not be any drink and drive case.

Once you get CDL Licence you can earn up to $55,000 annually. So Hurry up and find free CDL training center in Philadelphia.

Fire Safety Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

this course is designed to teach trainee about how to use the fire extinguishers and emergency processors. In this training you will learn that about you can act safely in fire hazards and emergency fire situations. A fire protection engineer can earn up to 70,000+ dollar in a year. Grab the opportunity to get Fire Safety Training in Philadelphia.

the eligibility criteria is similar to the training given above first is you should be 18 years old and have a school level certificate.

Forklift training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

In forklift training, you need to learn how to move cargos between short distance using a forklift with doing any damage. and we all know that the demand of the forklift is increasing day by day and no one drive forklift without a certification. so you can grab the change to become a Forklift driver in Philadelphia. you can learn more about Forklift training from here


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Training in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )

if you want to go in an electrical field then HVAC training is best option to go because here you will learn about maintenance, repairing, set up the Air conditioner, heating, ventilation devices. and this certification jobs pay you good enough money yeah you heard it right you can earn more than $60,000. and there are many institutes like Brightwood, all state career school. try at these institutes.

Sterile processing technician training in Philadelphia, PA


Computer Traning in Philadelphia, PA

Free Training Programs in Philadelphia, PA ( Get Jobs easily )Computer training is wide field itself there are many courses comes under Computer training and various are offered for free in  Philadelphia. Computer traning jobs including web designing, coding,  software development, excels.  the course duration will vary according to how much difficult the training is.

For the free Computer training programs, you can check PennX University, EDX (, Philadelphia OIC and CTS Computer Training.


So I hope now you get enough idea about which field is good for you to get free Traning in Philadelphia.