How to List Vocational Training as a Project Work on Resume

The recent study shows that there are many students who are opting for the associate degree since last 10 years and the rate is increasing year by year. These students were also selecting an additional degree of vocational studies. These vocationally trained graduate are doing quite well in the job market since while searching for jobs they have highlighted the vocational skills on their resumes. On the basis of their vocational skills, they are also getting noticed by the enterprising recruiters and employers.

How to List Vocational Training as a Project Work on Resume


A candidate must know how to show or list his vocational training and skills on their resume because these skills are of great credentials. Here are the few simple steps to list your vocational training as a project work on your resume. If you follow these steps, then the employers and recruiters will be impressed with you and definitely hire you.

How to list vocational training as a project work on resume

Description of your vocational skills and training on your resume separately.

Candidates and job seekers must list their vocational training in two ways – one is that they must create a separate block showing the skills and name it in bold letters mentioning the “Skills”. On the other way, they can also mention in their cover letter regarding the projects and internships which was part of their vocational training. They can briefly mention their roles and responsibilities in the project and also mention the skills.


Mention the industry of the project along with the skills

The job seekers who have the vocational training and are looking out for the job must praise about their skills in the resume so much that it gets under the observation of the recruiters and employers. For example, if a candidate had their vocational training and projects at some car or bike manufacturing company, then he must mention that he or she has done their vocational training project at the automobile industry and also mention the skills they have learned on the course of their training. This is important because whenever the recruiters look out for the candidates for a particular job in some job portal, then they just use the keywords like industry and specific skill to find the suitable candidates having the desired skill and belonging to that industry which the recruiters are hiring for.

Mention soft skills

Candidates, apart from describing their vocational skills in their resumes, must also address the soft skills which are required in the workplace. This can be time management, committed to achieving goals, etc.

Training and Project duration

Candidates must also correctly mark on their resume if the vocational training and projects they have done was full-time or part-time. Moreover, they must also mention the duration of the project in days, months and years.

Final Thought

Vocational training and technical skills have added a factor to make your resume work and get noticed. If you mention all the accurate skills you possess then you will definitely land up in a good career.