Free OSHA Training in NYC 2019

The OSHA Training Program is a training in the Construction Industry. The OSHA training is for workers and employers of the construction industry and primarily focuses on acknowledgment, prevention, abatement, and avoidance of health hazards or danger in workplaces in the construction industry. As per regulations, any public project with a contract greater …

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Free CASAC Training in NYC 2019

Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor or CASAC is a training for those who provide alcoholism and substance abuse COUNSELING. There is only one level of certification required in the New York state for substance abuse counselors. There are five domains of a  CASAC training that includes assessment, counseling, case management, client, …

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Free EMT Training in NYC 2019

EMT Training in NYC

EMT or Emergency medical technicians are paramedics or ambulance technicians trained to respond to medical emergencies. They particularly deal with traumatic injuries in accidents, before a patient is taken to the hospital to get emergency treatment. Emergency medical technicians mostly work in ambulances. However, Emergency medical technicians are not ambulance staff rather they are …

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